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Hydraulic Repair

What if a hose fails?

Usually hoses fail due to misapplication, deterioration or improper maintenance. If the hose fails, be extremely careful.

  • Shut down the machine immediately to avoid additional damage.
  • Allow machine to release pressure – Pressure is not released immediately, and machines need time to release pressure to a level suitable for a proper inspection.
  • Do not search for the leak using your hands – Hydraulic fluids can penetrate the skin and pose a significant risk to your health.
  • Hoses should only be replaced and tested by trained technicians.
  • If you're operating one of our rental machines and a hose fails, call our team immediately. Do not attempt to repair the hose yourself.

Hydraulic components are critical to the operation of any type of heavy equipment, including dozers, excavators, wheel loaders, skid steers, and more. A well functioning hydraulic system delivers your lifting power, transfers your breakout forces, and allows you to adapt your machine to the job with a range of attachments.

At Hawkins-Graves, we have state-of-the-art equipment and certified technicians to conduct any hydraulic repairs your machines need.

Hydraulic repairs, reconditioning, and rebuilds

We repair hydraulic components of all sizes, and offer services including complete cylinder resealing, complete cylinder fabrication, rod reconstruction, barrel reconstruction, pump and motor reconditioning, and more. Whether your hydraulic system requires new parts or a complete rebuild, we carry your needs for construction, industrial, waste disposal, and mobile hydraulic applications.

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